Action not censorship the answer to Australia's rising greenhouse gas pollution and global warming

The Federal Government should stop censoring data on Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and immediately release the figures so the community, business and decision makers can face the challenge ahead, according to NSW Greens MP Justin Field.

Figures obtained by the Australian Conservation Foundation under Freedom of Information have revealed the Government has kept almost a year's worth of pollution data secret, despite it being scheduled for release in May 2017 [1].

Mr Field said Australia was in the age of climate consequences and this was not the time for the Turnbull Government to bury its heads in the sand on greenhouse pollution and global warming

“The NSW Greens condemn the Federal Government for covering up the impact of its inaction on climate change and the threat to our health, communities and nature from rising greenhouse pollution,” he said.

“Global warming puts our health, our economy and our precious places and wildlife at risk.

“The results of Abbott’s ideological attacks on renewable energy and the Turnbull’s Government zealous support for coal power over renewables are written in worsening pollution figures -- and they don’t want you to see it.

“The answer is not censorship and secrecy, it’s an urgent transition away from fossil fuel and increased investment in renewable energy such as solar with battery storage and wind power.

“It’s time for the Federal and NSW governments to get serious about climate change and phase out coal within the next decade. We can have a safe climate but we must take bold action now.

“The decisions being made now will determine whether we have a safe and stable climate for current and future generations,” Mr Field said.


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