Community protest represents majority of community against sale of NSW land titles registry

A strong and vocal group marched to parliament this afternoon representing the 84 per cent of NSW homeowners who oppose the NSW Government's plan sell off of the states' land titles registry, the LPI [1].

A broad network of organisations supported the rally including the Law Society of NSW, Institute of Surveyors NSW, the Concerned Titles Group, LPI Staff Union, the Public Service Association of NSW and the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

Greens MP Justin Field said the Greens stand with the diverse network of professional organisations, community groups and concerned homeowners supporting today’s event and opposing the sell off of the LPI.

“The speed with which the NSW government has moved to sell off our world-class land titling service has raised objections and the Greens are calling on the NSW Government to abandon the sale,” Mr Field said today.

“The more we find out about the sale of this monopoly and essential service, the more opposition grows. The community is right to be concerned about increasing risk of fraud, misuse of personal data and increasing costs of property purchases as a result of the privatisation.

“People have expressed fears that costs will rise under a private operator, with higher costs reducing access to public information, and the integrity of the records may be compromised.

“I’ve also heard of uneasiness around the privacy of household data once it is in private hands – will data be kept in Australia or on overseas servers? Will personal data be safe and exempt from sale?

“The NSW Governments should listen to the experts, LPI staff and the community and stop the sell-off of land titles,” Mr Field said.


Greens MP Justin Field has launched a community petition to stop the privatisation here [1]

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