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We’re looking for volunteers who can help with events, research, data entry and other projects. If you would like to inquire about volunteering in NSW Parliament with Justin Field’s office or have any questions please email with the subject heading ‘Volunteer’.

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  • Glen Astley
    commented 2019-04-05 23:19:22 +1100
    I am writing to express my anger at Justin Field for committing an act of treachery against The Greens and their supporters. I voted for The Greens not an independent..I support worker’s rights, human rights, social issues as well as environmental and ecological issues.I feel as if people like me have been disenfranchised by a selfish dilettante.

    Justin Field ought to quit the NSW Legislative Council now. You deserve nothing but the utmost contempt for your betrayal.
  • max shirsavar
    commented 2018-12-04 15:22:25 +1100

    I would like to know if Mr. Field would like to support a crowd funding solar power plant initiative?

    Crowd funding Solar power plants can stop climate change, increase people’s disposable income and help grow the economy at the same time.

    A crowd funded solar power plant allows Australian households to invest their own money to generate their own clean electricity, in a cooperatively owned Solar power plant. Thus reducing CO2 emissions and stopping people from paying coal burning energy companies thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

    The feasibility of a crowd funded solar power plant is as follows:

    The average Australian household uses about 30 kilowatts of electricity per day, the average cost of electricity is $0.30 per kilowatt.

    30kw*$0.30 = $9.00 per day * 365 days = about $3200 is paid towards electricity bills by one household in a year.

    The cost of building a 100 megawatt solar power plant is about $100 million, which can power about 31,000 homes.

    $100 mil ÷ 31000 homes = about $3200 investment is needed to provide electricity to power one household.

    A solar power plant typically works for about 25 years, meaning that if a household invested about one year’s worth of what they normally pay towards electricity bills to generate their own electricity, they would not have to pay anymore electricity bills for about 24 years! This means households can save about $3200*24years = $76000 on electricity bills, that’s a %2500 return on investment or about one year of a person’s life that is spent working just to pay for electricity.

    I look forward to your feedback,
  • Stewart Leicht
    commented 2018-09-03 22:50:32 +1000
    Im a scuba diver a fisherman a spear fisher an environmentalist and I’m amazed that as a member of the public I can no longer post on any of your posts or photos? I thought this was a democratic society with a voice for all??? Free speech is one of the foundations of our community. Great to see that you are not open to opinions differing from yours what is that called again ?? Totalitarian? You’ve marginalised thousands of average Australians with your perverse sense of environmental justice. Focus on some real issues.
  • George Kalithrakas
    commented 2018-09-01 11:28:40 +1000
    Justin, you can block all you like, i understand some nasty comments get thrown around but i have seen alot of concern with reputable comments getting blocked and deleted on your FB page also. Your a public servant just like a bus driver working for state transit.

    Screen shots have been taken and sent all over media outlets.

    Including your mate Alan and Ray, prepare for a field day next week.

    Tight lines mate.
  • Joachim Garrick
    published this page in About 2018-02-27 12:55:31 +1100

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