Delay of imminent commencement of seismic testing off Newcastle

Asset Energy has notified the ASX that seismic testing will commence off the coast of Newcastle from this Sun, 15 April. NSW Greens Marine Spokesperson Justin Field said, “It is disappointing that Asset Energy has not listened to the concerns of the local community, fishers, tourism operators and the NSW Government and pushed ahead with the proposed start of seismic testing off the coast of Newcastle from this Sunday”.

“This weekend marks the start of school holidays when more recreational fishers will be on the water and at a time when commercial fishers are trying to supply fresh seafood to local tourists. It’s the wrong time to be proceeding with the testing and the company was warned against testing at this time,” he said

“The seismic testing starting within days is risky business and threatens marine habitat, productive fishing grounds, migrating whales and the tourism industry that relies on them.

“The reality is the community will not accept an oil or gas field in the waters off the Newcastle coast. There will be peaceful action against the seismic testing beginning on Sunday, and this will ramp up significantly to protect our environment and community against any chance of further exploration or the disaster of offshore production.

“The most sensible option would be to listen to the community and end plans for any seismic testing in the waters off Newcastle or anywhere along the NSW coast. This seismic testing should never have been approved and the company should be made to relinquish the licence.

“NSW must not follow Trump in his dangerous move to open up offshore waters to gas drilling.”

ASX statement here:

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