Is NSW's drinking water contaminated with plastic fibre?


The NSW Government should urgently test the state’s tap water for plastic fibre contamination after <a href="">media reports of a scientific study</a> finding more than 80% of the world’s drinking water is contaminated with plastic fibre.

The test results of water in both developed and developing countries raises serious questions about whether plastic fibre has polluted local water supplies and the safety of NSW’s drinking water.

Scientists have called for urgent research on the implications of plastic fibre contamination for health.

During Budget Estimates yesterday, Greens MP and Urban Water spokesperson Justin Field called on Premier Gladys Berejiklian for an urgent test of NSW’s drinking supply for plastic fibre contamination.

“Clean water is one of the essentials of life and the widespread plastic contamination of tap water worldwide raises serious questions for the safety of NSW’s drinking water,” Mr Field said.

“There are few things in life more fundamental to our health and wellbeing than clean drinking water. Countries in the US, Europe and across the world had no idea they had plastic contamination in their tap water and we still don’t know the full potential impacts on human health and wellbeing.

“We are learning more everyday about the extent of plastic pollution making its way into the environment because of a failure of regulation, this recent study adds even more concern.

“What we do know is that we’re all turning on the tap every day for a drink, for cooking, for a shower and we should take action to ensure we know what's in the water and guarantee it is safe.

“It’s vital that Premier Berejiklian can assure the NSW community that the water in our taps is clean and safe from plastic fibre pollution. We need an urgent test of NSW drinking supply for plastic fibre contamination and the public release of the results so the public can have confidence in the quality of our drinking water,” he said.

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