It's Time for a Sydney Marine Park

To the Honourable President and Members of the Legislative Council of New South Wales
This petition of certain citizens of NSW states that:

  • The Marine environment and plants and animals that rely on it are facing increasing pressure from climate change, pollution and habitat loss from inappropriate coastal development.

  • Marine Parks, and particularly fully-protected no-take sanctuary zones, are critical to building the resilience of the marine environment to respond and adapt to these pressures.

  • The environmental, social and economic benefits of marine parks are well documented.

  • The Hawkesbury Shelf region from Newcastle to Wollongong currently has no Marine Park and less than 1% of coastal waters have any form of protection.

Your petitioners request that the Parliament will:

  • Supports legislation to establish a Sydney Marine Park in the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bio-region with comprehensive, adequate and representative fully-protected sanctuary zones.

  • Take action to address marine pollution, including by phasing out single-use plastic, ending all sewage outfall and better managing storm water runoff.

  • End inappropriate coastal development that has negative impacts on coastal and estuary habitat which is essential for a healthy marine environment.


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