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The NSW community loves our coast but we are at risk of loving it to death. Our oceans have never been under more pressure from climate disruption, pollution, historical over-fishing and coastal development.

A healthy and vibrant marine and coastal environment requires strong protections and active community involvement in caring for our coast. We can all play our part to reduce plastic pollution, restore estuary and coastal habitat, support our marine park network and challenge over-development of our estuaries and coastline.

But the NSW Government has to back the community, invest in restoring our degrading coastal environment and enforce strong laws to protect our shared resources.

The Greens have a plan for securing the future of our oceans, marine life and much-loved coastal coastal communities and lifestyle. 
The Healthy Ocean Plan will:

  1. Legislate to phase out single-use plastics.
  2. Strengthen our network of marine parks and sanctuaries.
  3. Introduce a river-to-sea habitat restoration program.
  4. Recognise cultural fishing rights.
  5. Remove shark nets and adopt non-lethal approach shark management program.
  6. Support sustainable seafood in NSW.
  7. Ban offshore exploration and mining of fossil fuels.
  8. Build ocean and beaches resilience to climate disruption.


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