Greens condemn disgraceful NSW Govt backflip on marine sanctuaries

The Greens condemn today’s decision by the Berejiklian Government to walk away from an effective marine park for Sydney and surrounds.

Most vulnerable in community left behind as Premier's priorities fail to improve wellbeing

The NSW Greens have called for a rethink of how the State Government sets priorities as the state continues to fall behind in terms of protecting some of the most vulnerable in our community, including women and children.

NSW Govt backflip on Sydney Marine Park would risk healthy future for oceans and marine life

The Greens have called on the NSW Government not to give into pressure from the Shooters and Fishers Party and a vocal minority to backflip on plans for a Sydney Marine Park.

Greens support fair wage for early childhood educators

The NSW Greens are standing in support of the nation’s early childhood educators as they walk off the job for fair pay in Sydney and around the country today.

Budget estimates revelation on Sydney dam levels crisis

A revelation at Budget Estimates that water flows into the Sydney drinking water catchment are at a record low have bolstered the call by the Greens for the early introduction of Stage 1 water restrictions and greater action on water efficiency.

Greens demand end to NSW Shark Net Program

As the NSW Government started rolling out shark nets along beaches over the weekend, the Greens are calling for the program to be scrapped and replaced with non-lethal shark management strategies.

NSW Govt fails on water efficiency exposing Sydney residents to risk of extreme water restrictions

The Greens have condemned the NSW Government for failing to improve water efficiency, potentially exposing Sydney residents to future extreme water shortages as Warragamba Dam levels fall dramatically and the Sydney desalination plant status remains unclear.

Shoalhaven River shouldn't be expected to make up for NSW Govt failure to address Sydney water efficiency Greens have condemned the NSW Government for failing to improve Sydney’s water efficiency, exposing the Shoalhaven to future water transfers to prop up dwindling Sydney supplies.

State Government fiddles on climate action while NSW burns

The Greens have condemned the NSW Government for fiddling on climate action while the state literally burns.  

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