Coles, Woolworths commit to reduce plastic-wrapped fruit and vege, NSW must step up action on plastic pollution

NSW Greens Fair Trading and Marine Environment spokesperson Justin Field has welcomed today’s announcement by Coles and Woolworths of measures to reduce plastic-wrapped produce following ongoing pressure from the community.

NSW Government must ensure immediate clean up of deadly marine debris lost at sea and washing up on NSW beaches

The NSW Greens have warned whales, dolphins, seabirds and other marine life are threatened by dangerous marine debris after 80 shipping containers went overboard off NSW.  

NSW should follow European Union plan for ban on most polluting single-use plastic products

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian should follow the lead of the European Union and introduce an immediate ban on the most polluting single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, cutlery, plates and cotton buds.    

Community shows strong support for protection of Batemans MP as new threat emerges

Hundreds of community members attended Ocean Care Day at Bodalla Dairy Shed on the South Coast this past Sunday in a strong show of support for the protection of local marine life, oceans and the unique Batemans Marine Park.

'Illusion of safety': Shark nets on trial as bycatch rates rise

The utility of shark nets is again being challenged, with the north coast meshing trial snagging just two targeted sharks out of 143 animals caught in its second year.

Minister denies seismic testing talks offered, regulator disagrees

The NSW Greens have questioned Resources Minister Don Harwin’s concern about gas exploration off the east coast after he told Parliament the Commonwealth regulator had not sought talks with him – even though the regulator says otherwise.

Newcastle demands action, not just words, from NSW Energy Minister to prevent further seismic testing off coast

The revelation in today's Newcastle Herald that NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin has refused the request of the offshore oil and gas regulator for a meeting to discuss the proposal for a gas field off the coast of NSW from Newcastle to Sydney is alarming, according to the NSW Greens.

NSW Energy Minister misses opportunity to fast-track zero net carbon emissions target to 2045

The NSW Greens have called out the NSW Government for its lack of climate action after NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin told the NSW Upper House the State Government will not commit to fast-track its deadline for reaching zero net carbon emissions. In response to a question from NSW Greens climate spokesperson Justin Field on whether the Government would follow the ACT’s lead and bring forward the state’s net zero emissions target date to 2045, the Minister said there were no plans to change.

Birds are dropping dead off Australia's coast, and it's all our fault

Confronting new images have revealed the cost of Australia's obsession with plastic, with appalled scientists recovering hundreds of fragments from the stomachs of fledgling chicks.

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