New climate change map shows NSW communities at risk from rising sea level

New mapping by Coastal Risk Australia, incorporating the US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration revised ‘plausible’ sea level rise of as much as 2.7 metres by 2100, reveals a growing number of NSW communities at risk from surging seas under climate change.

The interactive map is available here:

Areas under threat of flooding in Sydney include Sydney Airport, Circular Quay and Brighton Le Sands. In the Eastern Suburbs, parts of Rose Bay are at risk.

Media reports suggest the worst case scenario for 2100 now looks three times worse than it did in previous maps.

NSW Greens MP Justin Field said the NSW Government is severely unprepared for a future of rising sea levels and other climate change impacts.

“The new map is a wake up call for the NSW Government to increase its climate action and prepare communities for rising sea levels and extreme weather under global warming,” he said.

“Over the past year we’ve had clear evidence that changes in our climate are happening more quickly than previously thought and there is increased urgency for climate action and adaptation.

“The majority of our housing and infrastructure have been built assuming a stable climate but we have entered a new era marked by unpredictable and more extreme weather.

"This new data must be taken seriously by the Berijiklian Government.

"With billions of NSW public and private assets at risk from rising seas, there is an economic imperative to act strongly to mitigate the worst aspects of climate change.

"Next month's State budget must direct more resources to reducing carbon emissions, investing in renewable energy and preparing communities to adapt to climate change impacts,” Mr Field said.

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