Say No to Shark Nets in NSW

To the Honourable President and Members of the Legislative Council of NSW. This petition of certain citizens of NSW calls on the Legislative Council to recognise:
• The deep personal and community grief from the impact of shark bites.
• Shark nets do not guarantee public safety, but do kill hundreds of
dolphins, turtles, rays, whales and sharks each year.
• There are numerous non-lethal methods that successfully reduce the
risk of shark bites.

Protect our marine life from shark mesh nets in NSW

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Council of NSW to:
• Support non-lethal, science based and community driven approaches to
reducing the risk of shark bites in NSW, including:
- Community based observer programs, like Shark Watch
- Tagging and monitoring programs, and
- Personal deterrent devices

• Reject the use of shark nets in NSW that kill marine life and don’t
guarantee public safety.

23 signatures

Will you sign?