NSW Government should be employer of choice not spending millions on consultants

Figures tabled in the Legislative Council have revealed State Government spending on external consultants will triple this year, outsourcing jobs and its responsibility as an employer of choice in NSW.

Earlier this year, a report released by the NSW Auditor-General also found the NSW government’s spending on contingent labour - non-permanent and insecure working arrangement - had increased from $503 million in 2011-2012 to $1.1 billion in 2015-16.

Greens MP and Treasury spokesperson Justin Field said the NSW Government should be ensuring the state can attract and retain the best talent to ensure the public service has the skills and resources to deliver for the people of NSW.

“The State Government should be an employer of choice, attracting the best staff and setting the gold standard for pay and conditions, not relying on consultants and temporary, outsourced workers," he said.

“The NSW Government is obsessed with privatisation and outsourcing -- from the sell off of our public services and assets to the recently revealed jump in employing external consultants.

“The role of government as a service provider and employer of choice has been ignored and responsibility to workers, families, the community and the environment hollowed out.

“At the same time the public have become very concerned at the capacity of Government to deliver for the state. They are sick of cost blowouts on major projects and the undue influence of vested interests.

“We need a strong public service, secure in their jobs who will provide frank and fearless advice to Government to ensure the best outcomes for the state.

“Over recent years we have seen tens of thousands of jobs cut from the public service and a harsh 2.5% wage cap, yet now we find there is money in the budget for consultant fees and casuals.

“We expect more from the NSW Government as an employer, it should be setting the example by providing quality jobs with fair pay and conditions. This role becomes increasingly important in the face of global economic changes, new casualised work models and growth in insecure work.

“The NSW Government should immediately put the brakes on its excessive use of consultants, casual and temporary workers and prioritise the creation of secure, permanent employment,” he said.

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