Our plan to stop offshore gas

The Greens have a plan to stop offshore gas exploration off NSW. 

Justin Field MLC will introduce legislation to block the current proposal to drill for gas off the coast of NSW, between Newcastle and Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and ensure our marine environment is protected into the future.

Right now MEC Resources is proposing more seismic testing for gas off the coast of NSW.

Seismic testing creates an unacceptable risk of harm to marine animals and threatens the economic future of the region, impacting on tourism and commercial fishing industries.

The NSW community will not accept a gas field off the coast, so no amount of risk to conduct exploratory seismic testing can be justified. Any new fossil fuel development is unacceptable as we face climate change and will only slow the necessary transition to renewable energy.

Local communities need their rights protected. Current offshore mining regulations undermine the rights of states to protect communities from the damaging impacts of seismic testing and drilling failures.

The Greens have a plan that ensures no offshore gas exploration occurs along the NSW coast and protects local communities, coastal environments, marine animals and fisheries.


  • Stand with communities to oppose all offshore gas exploration and drilling.
  • Introduce legislation to:
    1. Prohibit the processing and transport of gas coming from wells offshore from the NSW coastline to the NSW mainland.
    2. Prohibit the construction of infrastructure relating to offshore exploration and mining activities on NSW
  • Call for a federal inquiry into NOPSEMA its inadequate community consultation processes, weak regulatory framework and lack of oversight of offshor

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