Plan to stop offshore gas exploration

The Greens have a plan to stop offshore gas exploration off NSW. 

 Justin Field MLC will introduce legislation to block the current proposal to drill for gas off the coast of NSW, between Newcastle and Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and ensure our marine environment is protected into the future.

Unacceptable risk to marine life, fisheries and local communities

Offshore seismic testing and drilling create a number of unacceptable environmental, social and economic risks.

Seismic testing is known to disrupt navigation and communication for whales. It also has a detrimental impact on local marine life, particularly for animals living near on the bottom of the ocean that are an important food source for other marine animals including commercially targeted fish.

Local commercial fishers have reported significantly reduced catch following seismic testing and a foul odour in nets after testing. The area of the licence area being targeted is a productive local fishery known as ‘The Farm’.

In the event of future gas development, a well failure could impact the entire NSW coastline, including the most populated coastline in Australia. Local coastal environments including breaches, lakes, estuaries, and river systems would be exposed impacting tourism and fishing industries and the wellbeing and health of local residents and coastal ecosystems.


  • Stand with communities to oppose all offshore gas exploration and drilling.
  • Introduce legislation to:
    1. Prohibit the processing and transport of gas coming from wells offshore from the NSW coastline to the NSW mainland.
    2. Prohibit the construction of infrastructure relating to offshore exploration and mining activities on NSW
  • Call for a federal inquiry into NOPSEMA its inadequate community consultation processes, weak regulatory framework and lack of oversight of offshore

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