Plans to raise Warragamba Dam threaten one of NSW's wildest rivers in Blue Mountains National Park

The NSW Government’s plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres will flood thousands of hectares of World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park and threaten the wild Kowmung River.

Justin Field, NSW Greens MLC and spokesperson for Urban Water, recently visited and documented sections of the Kowmung at risk of ruin if the dam wall raising goes ahead.

“It was a privilege to recently walk the banks of the Kowmung River and see first-hand its pristine beauty and significance as part of Sydney’s drinking water catchment,” he said.

“The wild Kowmung has remained little changed for centuries, but government bureaucrats ticking a box can wipe it out overnight.

“The precious, clear water of the Kowmung River flows straight into Sydney's drinking water supply and sustains the life of local native plants and animals. If the Warragamba dam wall is raised, the river banks will slump, beautiful and endangered trees will die and the soil and silt will run straight down into the dam.

“We'll lose or damage the wild Kowmung and the animals and plants that call it home forever.

“The tragedy is this scarring and destruction of the Kowmung and other world heritage and protected areas is unnecessary and avoidable.

“The Greens want to see the $700 million expected cost for the dam wall raising redirected to water efficiency and stormwater management and the wild Kowmung protected for the future,” Mr Field said.

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