Sharks should be valued and managed, not culled: Greens

The indiscriminate killing of White Sharks will not make beaches safer and should not be permitted in NSW, according to NSW Greens Marine and Fisheries spokesperson Justin Field.

He has called on NSW Minister Niall Blair to rule out the culling of White Sharks in NSW.


Media reports say Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg will consider removing the existing “vulnerable and threatened” protection status for great white sharks following a CSIRO study due later this year. The Daily Telegraph claims the NSW Minister has not “ruled out” a shark cull following the study results



Mr Field said Ministers Frydenberg and Blair suggesting a shark cull in the media long before the CSIRO is complete shows they are only interested in whipping up hysteria and fear about sharks with little interest in the scientific evidence.

“The facts and science show the risk of a shark bite is extremely rare and healthy shark populations are essential for a healthy ocean,” he said.

“I’m calling on NSW Fisheries Minister Niall Blair not to give in to the Daily Telegraph’s scaremongering and rule out a shark cull in this state.

“Shark management has developed and evolved with a suite of effective non-lethal measures including SMART drumlines, community monitoring programs and significant improvements in personal deterrent devices.

“Results from the recent trial of SMART drumlines at beaches off the NSW North Coast have found the technology more effective than shark nets in catching and tagging White Sharks.

“Minister Niall Blair should make it clear that NSW supports an evidence-based approach to shark management and rule out the culling of White Sharks,” he said.

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