Save Shoalhaven's water for the Shoalhaven

The NSW Government has opened the door to billions of litres more water being transferred from the Shoalhaven to Sydney. The suspension of water transfer rules by the Water Minister, Nationals MP Melinda Pavey, will mean less water for Shoalhaven residents, industries and the Shoalhaven River itself. 

Under agreed water sharing rules limited transfers from Tallowa Dam are allowed, but these limits have been lifted using emergency powers because of the drought. That's despite Sydney being on only level 1 water restrictions. If it is an emergency, why haven't water restrictions in Sydney been tightened?

The reality is that the Shoalhaven is paying the price for poor water efficiency in Sydney and an unwillingness by Government to put Sydney on tighter water restrictions. It's not fair.  

Sign this petition to the NSW Parliament

To the Premier of NSW. This petition of certain citizens of NSW states that:

  1. The Shoalhaven River is the life-blood of the Shoalhaven community, the source of irreplaceable water for drinking, agriculture, aquaculture and industry.
  2. The river is also a source of natural beauty, provides sanctuary for plants and animals and is used for recreation by tourists and locals.
  3. While we recognise that the Shoalhaven provides additional water security to Sydney and the Illawarra, that water shouldn't be taken at the expense of the local community, businesses and the river's health.

Your Petitioners request that the NSW Government:

  1. Establish a review of the water sharing arrangements for the Shoalhaven River to ensure the rules reflect the the impact of climate change on inflows and the needs of the community and river.
  2. Ensure any water transfers from the Shoalhaven are matched with water efficiency and recycling programs in Sydney to ensure the challenge of water security is shared fairly across the community. 
  3. Support the establishment of a Shoalhaven River Strategic Management Plan to improve the sustainable use and management of the river.
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