A new future for Shoalhaven forests

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85% of state forests across the Shoalhaven burnt last summer. Despite the damage and tragic loss of wildlife, logging operations recommenced almost immediately after the fires.

Forestry Corporation were ordered by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to stop work for clear breaches of logging rules. Despite this, they now want to go back to "business as usual" and recommence logging at pre-fire levels. The EPA has warned that the environmental consequences of logging burnt forests at these levels is unacceptable and we agree. 

We need to imagine and create a new future for the Shoalhaven's forests. We can transition the forestry industry out of native forest logging and onto private land and plantations and continue to support these jobs.

We can manage our magnificent state forests as ecological and recreational reserves that can support jobs in local nature based tourism and support the recovery of iconic local animals like the Greater Glider, the Yellow Bellied Glider and the Glossy Black Cockatoo.

We can support the forests to recover and adapt to climate change, to maximise their potential as vital carbon sinks and creating more jobs and economic opportunities for the region.

The Shoalhaven's state forests are worth far more left standing.

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