Shooters and Fishers fail to stand candidates in half NSW’s Marine Park electorates

NSW Greens MLC Justin Field has slammed the Shooters and Fishers Party as all angry rhetoric and no action for failing to stand candidates in at least half of the electorates covering the state’s six existing marine parks.

Following close of nominations and ballot draws for the NSW State Election, the Shooters and Fishers have failed to stand candidates in the electorates covering the Cape Byron Marine Park, Lord Howe Island Marine Park and Jervis Bay Marine Park. They also are not standing candidates in 12 of the 15 electorates covering the proposed Sydney Marine Park region. 

NSW Greens MLC and Healthy Oceans Spokesperson Justin Field said, “the Shooters and Fishers are just wreckers when it comes to the marine environment.

“They yell abuse, threaten and try to undermine scientific and community processes to protect the marine environment but don’t have enough support in many coastal electorates to even stand candidates.

“It makes a mockery of their claims to have majority support on these issues. They’ve never had that and this shows their rhetoric is hollow. Despite claims of having the support of 900,000 licenced fishers in NSW, the Shooters and Fishers received only 164,000 votes in the Legislative Council in 2015.

“The reality is that people who fish have more of an interest than most in improving the health of the marine environment and understand the value of marine protected areas. The majority of fishers have never supported the Shooters and Fishers campaign to undermine these protections.

“This confirms the Shooters and Fishers are no more than an angry mob without principle. They claim to represent a significant cohort in the community but are really just a single issue party that promote deregulation with the aim of removing gun controls.

“It’s an indictment on the Liberal National coalition to have caved to the Shooters and Fishers angry noise and wound back marine park protections over the last two terms of their Government.

“The Shooters and Fishers are all bluff and bluster and aren’t even prepared to put candidates forward in electorates where they claim they have a mandate.

List of Electorates

Cape Byron Marine Park  

Ballina - No candidate


Solitary Islands Marine Park

Clarence - candidate

Coffs Harbour - candidate


Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park

Myall Lakes - Candidate

Port Stephens - No candidate


Lord Howe Island Marine Park

Port Stephens - No candidate


Jervis Bay Marine Park

South Coast - No candidate


Batemans Marine Park

South Coast - No candidate

Bega - Candidate

Proposed Sydney Marine Park area

The Entrance - No candidate

Terrigal - No candidate

Gosford - candidate

Pittwater - No candidate

Wakehurst - No candidate

Manly - No candidate

North Shore - No candidate

Vaucluse - No Candidate

Coogee - Candidate

Maroubra - No candidate

Rockdale - No candidate

Cronulla - No candidate

Heathcote - Candidate

Keira - No candidate

Wollongong - No candidate

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