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  • You can have your say in two ways - IDEALLY DO BOTH!
  • Use the Government’s submission portal to make your submission: or send your submission by email to:  
    • Make your submission locally specific where you can
    • Include your personal experiences at these sites
  • Use the Nature Conservation Council online petition tool to send an email of support to the relevant Minister and your local MP.

Submission Guide

This section will assist in drafting an email submission. See below for advice on using the Government’s submission portal

Dear [Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair],

Re: I support a marine park for Sydney

I write to you to convey my strong support for the proposed marine park for Sydney. Putting in place some areas for environmental protection makes sense, is supported by the science, and reflects the diversity of users of Sydney’s coastal environment.   protected areas is a crucial step in securing the future health of marine life, beaches and the coastline for future generations.

I welcome the opportunity to make a submission on the proposed network of 25 sites identified for protection across the Hawkesbury Shelf Bioregion, from Newcastle to Wollongong.

Please consider the following recommendations as a formal submission to Phase 3 of the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Assessment:

1. I support the inclusion of no-take marine sanctuaries in a management plan for the local marine environment. The Government’s proposed 17 sanctuary sites represents just 2.4% of the bioregion. This is much lower than other marine parks and should not be reduced further. Options for expansion should be considered in the plan. Marine sanctuaries have clear scientific basis and are supported by Australia's leading marine scientists. Sanctuaries are also recognised in your own threat and risk analysis as being one of the best tools to mitigate the diverse threats to the marine environment.

2. Marine sanctuaries offer some protection from the impacts of climate change. The Threat and Risk Assessment for the Hawkesbury Shelf recognised long-term climate change as the top threat to environmental, social and economic values of the marine environment. Mitigating the risk of climate change can only be done with the rapid reduction of global carbon emissions, however marine sanctuaries offer a way to build the resilience of the marine environment to respond to all threats, including climate change. 

3. No-take sanctuary zones allow marine life to recover and recuperate. The published science makes clear that sanctuary zones increase the abundance, diversity and size of marine life within their boundaries and benefit marine life in neighbouring areas within the marine park and beyond. Marine parks such as Jervis Bay and Port Stephens have seen the benefits that healthy sanctuary zones provide to nearby fishing spots. Peer-reviewed science from Solitary Islands Marine Park also builds on the scientific proof that sanctuary zones improve fish stocks for key species that are important to fishers, with positive impacts flowing to nearby areas.

4. Marine parks stimulate the local economy. A Sydney Marine Park would be globally iconic. Much like our existing NSW marine parks, a Sydney Marine Park would be highly marketable as tourism asset and would stimulate the economy through increased visitation with flow-on effects to business such as cafes and shops. A marine park for Sydney offers an economic opportunity to build on the iconic features of Sydney that are known over the world. Tourists flock to see humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, blue gropers, little penguins, green sea turtles, weedy seadragons, fur seals and grey nurse sharks that can all be found in and around the Sydney region. Recreational fishing remains open in 90-95 of the proposed park are making it unlikely there would be any loss of economic activity associated with recreational fishing.

I urge you to take this opportunity and declare a marine park for Sydney with a network of no-take sanctuary zones that the community will be proud of. This will leave a legacy for your Government of protection for generations to come, ensuring that Sydney’s marine life will flourish into the future.

Thank you for considering my submission.

[Add name here]



This section will assist in using the Government’s submission portal

The online tool can be accessed here. The tool is designed to elicit feedback on specific sites identified in the plan. You can see detailed information on each of the sites in this background document or this map shows a general overview of the sites. This tool will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete depending on the level of information you would like to add.  

REMINDER: Submissions are due by Thursday 27 September 2018.


  1. Do not click ‘back’ on the search engine - use the ‘Next’/’Prev’ buttons  

PAGE 1: Introduction

Access any material you want to read

Press ‘Next'

PAGE 2: Privacy

Choose whether you want your submission published or kept confidential

Press ‘Next'


PAGE 3: Your views on enhancing marine biodiversity conservation in the bioregion

How much do you support the proposed marine park?

Press ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ to show your support

Why? (Optional but you can choose some of these points below)

  • A marine park for Sydney will protect and promote our iconic harbour and region for future generations
  • A marine park for Sydney will protect our marine life, oceans and beaches from the pressures of climate change, pollution and overfishing into the future
  • A marine park for Sydney will provide both recreational and environmental benefits
  • A marine park for Sydney will increase the abundance, diversity and size of marine life in the region  


PAGE 4: Specific site questions

Here you pick which sites you want to comment on. This can be as many or as few as you want but you can only do one at a time.

Select a site that is relevant to you

PAGE 5: Proposed sites

There is a description of the site and how the Government intend to manage the site. Complete this section describing how you use this site, and what you see as the positive and negative outcomes from the proposal.

Some suggested positive feedback

  • The creation of a sanctuary will likely improve the size and diversity of marine life in the area
  • A marine sanctuary will make this a more attractive area to swim/surf/snorkel
  • As a fisher, I look forward to seeing how a sanctuary nearby my local fishing area will improve fishing over time.
  • As a diver, I look forward to seeing the diversity of marine life improve over-time to increase the local diving experience

Once completed, either choose another site or chose to end the survey.


PAGE 6: Personal information

This page asks a number of personal identification questions that are all required fields to make the submission.


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