South Coast says 'no' to Adani's mega mine and climate change

South Coast community members sent a clear message to Treasurer Scott Morrison with a peaceful protest demanding he says ‘no’ to Adani’s mega mine proposal in Queensland’s Galilee Basin in Bomaderry today (17/05/17).

The Federal Government’s pledge of $1 billion in taxpayer dollars for a railway associated with the mega mine has been met with widespread community opposition from South Coast locals and the majority of people across Australia.

A strong and vocal community campaign has resulted in Westpac recently ruling out funding the Adani coal mine, now the South Coast community wants the Federal Government to do the same and drop its $1 billion handout.

Rally Keynote Speaker and Greens MP Justin Field said, “The South Coast community has today added its voice to a growing national movement of people saying no to the massive Adani coal mine and its climate impacts.

“The Treasurer will get the message that locals join with their fellow Australians to reject not only public handouts for Adani’s proposed mine but that the project is allowed at all.

“If this mega mine goes ahead, it will ignite a carbon bomb of global scale, making it difficult/ near impossible to avoid catastrophic climate change.

“The mining, burning and transport of coal from Adani’s Carmichael mine will fast-track global warming, threaten the Great Barrier Reef, rob billions of litres of groundwater from farmers and communities and ride roughshod over Indigenous rights.

“It’s Adani’s coal mine versus a safe climate for all of us – we can’t have both.

“I’m proud to join with the community to turn up the heat on our Treasurer to stop investing in Adani’s coal mine and work to stop it ever being built. The mine might be in North Queensland but we all have an interest in a safe climate,” he said

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