Sth Coast fires a reminder of increased severity and frequency of natural disasters under climate change

NSW Greens South Coast spokesperson and Milton resident Justin Field has thanked emergency services, volunteers and community members for working together on fighting the recent fires across the region.

He commended the work emergency services and paid tribute to the tragic death of helicopter pilot Allan Tull during the firefighting effort.

Mr Field also warned bushfires would increase in severity and frequency on the South Coast and across NSW without action to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the worst impacts climate change.

NSW Government climate change projections for the South Coast and Illawarra:

  • An increase in average and severe fire weather by 2030.
  • An increase in maximum temperatures by up to 2.3°C by 2070
  • An additional 10 days above 35 degrees each year by 2070

“The recent bushfires, driven by unusually dry conditions, warmer than average winter temperatures and extreme winds, are exactly what has been predicted as a result of climate disruption,” he said.

“Changes in our climate are happening more quickly than previously thought and there is increased urgency for climate action and building community resilience.

“The community overwhelmingly supports renewable energy as a better way to power our future society and economy and reduce carbon emissions. There is also a need to prepare the community for future extreme events and to be able to adapt to increasing climate disruption.

“Climate disruption will have significant impacts on agricultural business and water supply and increase the risks from fires and coastal erosion. These are all significant challenges to the Shoalhaven and require long-term planning.

“The debates over energy policy at federal and state level are not taking seriously the need for urgent decarbonisation of energy supply and building community resilience which is leaving our community increasingly exposed to climate driven events.

📷: ABC News: Nancy Notzon

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