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Friends of Batemans Marine Park - Justin Field

Friends of Batemans Marine Park

Are you a friend of the Batemans Marine Park?The NSW Liberal/National Government wants to rezone the Batemans Marine Park. It's clear they're planning to wind back the important sanctuary protections that are the backbone of the park, sustain its remarkable biodiversity and support healthy fish...
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Put People before Pokies - Justin Field

Put People before Pokies

Petition to the NSW Parliament To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Council of NSW. This petition brings to the attention of the Legislative Council that: ● Pokies are the leading cause of gambling-related harm, with 75% of all gambling addictions attributed to...
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Say No to Shark Nets in NSW - Justin Field

Say No to Shark Nets in NSW

To the Honourable President and Members of the Legislative Council of NSW. This petition of certain citizens of NSW calls on the Legislative Council to recognise:• The deep personal and community grief from the impact of shark bites.• Shark nets do not guarantee public safety,...
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Sydney Marine Park - Justin Field

Sydney Marine Park

Sydney Harbour and its surrounds are an unique and iconic environment, much-loved both at home and overseas. It has significant environmental, recreational, heritage, economic and cultural values.But Sydney’s waters are increasingly under threat from a range of pressures including from pollution impacts, introduced species, habitat...
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Save the wild Kowmung River - Justin Field

Save the wild Kowmung River

The NSW Government wants to raise the Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres. This will drown the magnificent wild Kowmung River that flows through the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.  Trees along the banks will die and the banks will slump sending soil...
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Woolworths: Get out of Pokies NOW - Justin Field

Woolworths: Get out of Pokies NOW

IT'S TIME FOR WOOLWORTHS TO EXIT POKIES Media revelations that staff at Woolworths-owned hotels have been spying on pokies players in order to boost profits have shocked the community. One of the major allegations made by Federal Independent MP Andrew Wilkie following interviews with whistleblowers...
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Plastic Free NSW - Justin Field

Plastic Free NSW

Moving towards a Plastic Free Sea A Ban on Plastic Bags and other single use plastics Nearly all marine life including half the world’s turtles and almost all sea birds have ingested plastic waste. This plastic waste includes shopping bags, and pieces of bottle tops,...
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