Don't Flood The Blue Mountains

The NSW Government wants to raise Warragamba Dam wall by 14m, flooding 4,700 hectares of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and national parks.

This will drown the magnificent wild rivers that flow through the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

Hundreds of Gundungurra cultural heritage sites will be lost and 48 threatened plant and animal species that inhabit the area will be at risk.

The banks will slump sending soil and silt into Sydney's precious drinking water supplies trees along the banks will die.

We don't need to raise the dam wall. We can reduce the risks of flood and better use our water supply without destroying the wild places we love.

Don't flood the Blue Mountains.

Your petitioners request that the Parliament will:

  • Stop plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall

  • Protect World Heritage and oppose the flooding of the Blue Mountains

  • Protect Aboriginal cultural heritage

  • Plan for flood management and oppose new development on the floodplain

  • Invest in water efficiency and recycling programs for improved water security.

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